The Blog is Dead

As evidenced by my lack of writing the past year and several other blogs that I used to follow, the personal blog seems officially dead. No one seems to have the time or energy to update their personal blogs on a daily basis anymore. Facebook and Twitter status updates have taken the place of the long, utterly boring diatribes of days gone by. Is this a good thing or have we sentenced ourselves to a literary loss of epic proportions? Yeah, right.

So, obviously I’m not writing anymore. This begs the question: what am I going to do with this website? At this point, I haven’t decided. I will keep this blog up as the main page for now but it will eventually be relegated to a sub folder of the site. What will be on the main page I have no idea. I honestly have no idea. It may just stay a forlorn forgotten blog. We’ll just have to wait and see.

New Layout!

“What new layout?” you’re saying right now. Well, because I’m so cool, I dumped all the html tables that my pathetic WordPress theme was using and it’s now all 100% CSS driven for layout and beautifying. There’s still a few kinks to work out like spacing between posts and such but I’ve run out of steam for the evening. Plus, I’ve only tested it in Firefox and IE so there’s no guarantees that it looks good on any other browser.

Again I find myself speechless

Over and over I start blogging and over and over I stop.  It seems silly that I continue to try but I have this idea that someone out there wants to hear what I have to say. The only problem with this is that I never seem to have anything to say. Isn’t that a contradiction? So, what I’m really saying is that I honestly believe there a millions of people dying to hear me say nothing at all! Wait…so that means everyone wants me to shut up? That doesn’t make sense! For people to want me to shut up they have to know what I’ve been saying, which is nothing so why would they want me to shut up? Maybe they’re waiting with bated breath for me to say something, anything. Something profound that will rock their world! Well, guess what? Today’s post ain’t it. Night!